CV | Xixia Zhang

Petr Neugebauer  

  Xixia Zhang
    Ph.D. Postdoc
    MOTeS Junior Researcher

    +420 541 149 264


Crystal growth and solid-state physics 
The main focus of Xixia’s work is to grow transition metal chalcogenides (TMDCs) crystals and study their physical properties. Main related works include the improvement of growth method for high-quality and large-size TMDCs crystals, the defects, the phase transitions, the electronic, optical and magnetic properties. We are planning to investigate the electronic and magnetic properties of combination of TMDCs and magnets to explore the potential in spintronic.


2012 - 2017 Ph.D. State key laboratory of crystal materials, Shandong University. Supervisor: Prof. Xutang Tao. 
2008 - 2012 Bachelor of Science School of materials and engineering, Shandong University (Polymer Materials Science and Engineering)


- Bridgman crystal growth technique; Flux method crystal growth; Synthesis methods including flux method and solid-state reaction. 
- Mastery of sealing quartz tube by hydrogen-oxygen flame
- Determination of crystal structures by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis
- Exfoliation and characterizations of 2D nano-materials
- Basic thermal and optical characterization (DSC, TG, TMA, Fourier infrared spectrometer Photoluminescence and Refractive index test). 


DSC and TMA training for master students and Ph.D. students in Institute of Crystal materials in Shandong University (2014-2017).


Doctoral studies scholarship of Shandong University (2014, 2015, 2016)
Outstanding graduate student of Shandong University (2015, 2016)


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Method for growing transition metal chalcogenide crystal by metal flux method. Tao, Xutang; Zhang, Xixia; Wang, Shanpeng, ZL2015 1 0172682.9.