CV | Andriy Marko

Petr Neugebauer  

  Andriy Marko
    MOTeS Senior Researcher


2006 - 2018
• Analysis and interpretation of Electron Para-magnetic Resonance (EPR) experimental data
• Analytical description and numerical simulation of quantum spin systems
• Structure determination of complex biological macromolecules at Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Research group of Prof. T. F. Prisner, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2000 - 2005 Researcher:
• Computer simulations of liquid diffusion through porous media.
• Analysis of nuclear magnetic resonance data at Fraunhofer Institute for Non-destructive Testing (IZfP), Saarbrücken, Germany
1998 - 2000 Aspirant:
• Development and application of quantum statistics methods
• Computation of statistical sum for quantum systems of relativistic particles at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv,
Department of Theoretical Physics, Lviv, Ukraine

2002 - 2005 Research Training Group 'New High Performance Materials for Efficient Energy Use’ 
at the University of Saarland, Germany
Degree: Ph.D in physics (05.08.2005)
PhD thesis topic: 'Applications of 1H-NMR for the hydrological characterization of porous materials'
Supervisor: Prof. W. Arnold
1993 - 1998 Study of physics at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine
Specializations: theoretical physics
Degree: Diploma physicist (30.06.1998)
Topic of diploma thesis: 'Approximation form of Dirac equation', 
Supervisor: Prof. L. Blazhyjevskyj

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•    Student scholarship from ‘International Renaissance Foundation’ (1994)
•    Award ‘Frankfurt outstanding personality with foreign roots 2017’ given by the KAV of the city of Frankfurt am Main